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Seelye Pack

Seelye Pack

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Not only is John Seeyle an avid panfish angler - - he also owns and operates No Boundaries Guide Service in Northern MInnesota. He is well versed multi species angler who loves BIG panfish! His pro pack is simple and effective. Want to catch slab crappies, bluegills and perch!? John Seeyle has you covered, and in his book - - white is all you need ! Save some money and pick up this slab catching pro pack ! 

Book your trip today! No Boundaries Guide Service: 218-368-7246

All these profiles in the color white and daytime white red glow:


Spugg XL

Crawzi Jr.


8 packs total 



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The softest plastisol available, for the most lifelike movements.

Why Choose P3 Plastics?

  • Completely Custom Profiles
  • Designed and Developed by anglers
  • 36 Color Options
  • 18 Bait Profiles
  • Fully Field Tested
  • Proven fish catching baits

Big Backwater Perch

Mississippi River perch receive a lot of fishing pressure, and when they do, they tend to be a little more negative. Switch up your bait to a micro plastic like the Copee Jr. paired with a 2mm tungsten to entice these giants into biting.

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After Dark Crappies !?

Setting up on shallower weed flats on a lake with clear water can produce MEGA crappies after the sun goes down. The trick? - - GLOW plastics! Fishing glow plastics 1-2’ above the weeds for these BIG night cruising crappies will greatly increase your catch-ability and success!


A different kind of Vu

Fishing weed beds can be challenging but highly rewarding. We utilize Aqua Vu cameras to locate panfish in open pockets and find their “fish travel highways” Once we locate these areas holding panfish we drop down our plastics that are mimicking the forage within these weeds. The Corix, crawzi, and minix are all great options !

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