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Who we are

We’re a small group of Wisconsin natives, super passionate about panfish, and pursuing them throughout the four-seasons. From a hot and humid 90 degrees, to -30 below, the search never ends. We have designed, developed & tested a line of micro-plastics suitable for every scenario.

P3 Plastics

The Micro CYCLO
Fish it solo, create a plastic duo, or tip it with a Euro Larvae! Pursue with confidence!
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Scuttle Stinger
If you like the Scuttlebug, you'll love the Scutte Stinger!!
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Research & Development

Hours of sketching, brainstorming, 3D modeling and manipulation go into every custom plastic we create. We rigorously field test baits in their infancy stage and make micro adjustments to our molds until we are satisfied with their catchability & performance. We don't release a bait until we are 100% confident it will entice weary panfish into biting.



Crappie spawn between May and June. During this time, the male fish will make an indented nest on the floor of shallow water. The female will then lay between 5,000 and 60,000 eggs. The eggs take approximately 2-5 days to hatch. 

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Tungsten Ice Flies
One style, 3 sizes, let the fish decide.
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